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Your wish is my command

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Fairy tales have always been a source of entertainment and attraction for children as well as adults in every era. These tales normally involves the fictional characters like dragons, witches, dwarfs, fairies, giants, talking animals, mermaid etc.

Almost every one of us have gone through the famous fairy tale ‘Aladdin’ which used to be a small thief that used to steal common things. If we recall the tale, we would see the picture that the Aladdin was living a miserable life. But one day, he found a magic lamp which brought out a Gennie when he rubbed the lamp.

That was the turning point of Aladdin’s life. He got wealthy and achieved what he wanted to achieve. Whenever Aladdin asks or wishes anything, the genie used to say “Your wish is my command”.

What does this phrase mean? The genie in the tale knew about the wishes of his master and he used to make whatever efforts it takes to fulfil that particular wish.

In our lives, we have so many wishes that go unfulfilled. What can we do about those? Should we let them go and live the life with same pace? We must struggle hard so that the passion to achieve the wish becomes our destiny.

There was a news about the children being died in Thar Parkar due to insufficient food and non-availability of health facilities. In this era of rapid advancement when we are spending so much to uplift our standards of living and in the world where nationality is being given to a super intelligent robot, these children are getting not enough food for their survival. Are these children not humans?

These children also need a magic lamp with a genie who would fulfil their wish of living having adequate provision of food and water. They also need someone who would say to them “Your wish is my command”. These children need our attention, they need us to take action and to save them. They also belong to this planet and they also have the equal rights to enjoy the belongings of life.

We need to stand, act and deliver for these children because their wish is our command.

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