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Peace – The bond to hold us altogether

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Peace, Love, Harmony – these are the ingredients that are must to follow to live a happy life. The world is full of chaos. It seems that world is leading towards the edge of destruction. Still there is a hope to make this world a harmonious place to live.

Why to hate each other? Why to fight with each other? Why not to live in harmony?

These are the simple questions that need to be addressed in order to move towards a successful and happy life. We all know that the whole world celebrate Peace Day on 21st September every year. What is the purpose of celebrating this day? This day demands everyone to take responsible actions in their societies to bring peace and harmony among people. But why only this day? Each day can be a peace day if everyone takes the responsibility of being a global citizen. The world has already faced so much destruction in two major wars, we are not in a position to face another one. There is a need to bring people together and hold dialogues.

The world does not belong to any specific community or religion. There is a huge diversity, having people from diverse cultures. It is our responsibility to lead our future generations in a right direction. It is up to us where we want them to go – war or peace?

Each year on 21st September, new resolutions and promises are made to bring harmony to this world. But we should be accountable in our actions that we take. We should take each day as Peace Day. Peace does not demand any schooling or degree. It can be as simple as passing a smile to someone.

We all should try to adopt the need of bringing peace among communities and should try to do an act of peace every day.

Peace is Tolerance, Respect, Acceptance, Empathy, and Openness to diversity.

 By: Muhammad Tahir Naeem Khan

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