Youth Peace Summit '17

Youth Peace Summit is going to be held on 4th Nov, 2017, organized by National Youth Association that will unite young people from all over Pakistan to gain experience dedicated to personal growth, healing, cultural exchange, leadership development and community building.
The primary intention of the Summit is not about creating peace in the world.
It is about each youth making the commitment to cultivate peace within their own hearts and minds, and to walk in the world in a way that inspires others to do the same.
So the invitation is simple – come as you are.
The Summit inspires youth to turn their compassion into action by giving them the necessary tools and support to make an impact in their communities, their world, and, most importantly, within themselves.
Aims & Objectives:
Realizing the importance of Peace in a diverse society Pakistan, NYA (National Youth Association) decided to gather youth from all over the Pakistan and empower them with messages of Peace and:
1. Promote positive and peaceful face of Pakistan
2. Build the sense of peace in our youth
3. Build leadership skills in our youth so they become agent of peace
4. Promote the beauty of diversity
5. Promote unity

* Event day Activities:
• Talks on Peace:
Based on the theme and messages of peace from Peace
Builders and Experts.
• Motivational Talks and Trainings on Leadership
To equip our youth with the messages of peace and leadership
we will train them so that they could be peace promoter in our
• Cultural Music:
We will present Cultural music

Dance use to celebrate happiness, and every culture will
present their way to celebrate happiness through dance.
• Awards for Peace Builders
We will recognize the efforts of our peace builders by giving
them award of peace.
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