Unrestricted Money for Your NGO so you're not a slave to Grant Donors

Don’t you just hate it when a donor gives you $50,000 to implement a project, and then has to control exactly how that money is spent?

Some times it is clear that the donor wants you to spend that money on activities that do not even form part of your core mission.

What I am personally peeved by, is not being able to help a person or community in need simply becuase the money available is restricted, or there’s no money at all. Over the last 13 years, working with small business, NGOs, and running my own charity initiatives, I have learned ways by which any emerging leader can avoid the being a slave to restricted funding, and actually start doing the work that makes their heart sing.

In this article, as part of series on Financial Sustainability, I show exactly how you can run a nonprofit that thrives even without grant money.

I trust that you will find value in it.


Dan Maxwell, Jr, is a coach and consultant to leaders in emerging economies. His company, Dan Maxwell, Jr & Associates, supports Small & Medium Enterprises, Public Corporations and Civil Society Organizations in emerging economies in the areas of Strategy development & Implementation. The company works primarily in the domains of Leadership & Organizational Development, Marketing & Communications; Research, Monitoring & Evaluations and Information Technology Consulting. Stop by his blog at www.DanMaxwellJr.com

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