SABC News - International NGO HWPL calls for world peace:Sunday 17 September 2017

A Non-Governmental Organisation, that aims for world peace, the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in South Korea, has called on the government of North Korea to stop testing missiles.

The HWPL says these acts by their neighbour destabilise the world. HWPL is commemorating the third annual peace summit in Seoul under the theme of ‘ Global Peace Media Network’.

The Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light has been established to support and promote peace and end war. The organisation has a number of activities around the world in different countries to achieve global peace.

HWPL has also urged all countries to have legislation that would promote peace as a culture. HWPL Press manager Ian Seo says working for peace missions, at times has cost people their lives.

“It can be hard to understand but some of us had to conceal their identities, avoid contacts with people and even communicate by code because of the work of peace. HWPL has seen journalists suffering from irreversible despair and hardship in life, threatened by their companies, society or government because of their work for peace. Nevertheless the mysterious power and inspiration that motivate us again is the very fact that there are people who never stop working for peace even in such a reality.”

Talking about freedom of speech in most African countries is still a myth

A Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) cleric, Reverend Tshuma Katembo, says the Congolese are desperate for peace in their country.

“For a long time the DRC is first seeing the problem of war, harsh suffering and the ethnic conflict. Children and the youth are forced to drop out from school. An educated youth and children are being recruited into militias groups. They know the sound of each different gun. News of peace should be developed and spread not only for Congolese but also many places in Africa.”

Bojan Stokjkovski, a journalist from Macedonia has called on journalists across the world to use their power to instil peace in their societies.

“Daily reporting on peace initiatives and activities is the best way for journalists to help towards the cause of world peace and in my opinion every journalist needs to be dedicated to this cause. Reporting in various publications, newspapers, Tv stations, radio or online platforms will be the most efficient way to spread the peace messages and to raise awareness on these topics. As journalists we are always given an important role in our societies. We need to use our influence the best way we can. There is a necessity for media global network in which journalist across the world from various countries can participate.”

Peace activist, Jean de Dieu Munyembabazi from Burundi says in other countries, journalists who write about peace are regarded as enemies of the state.

“Talking about freedom of speech in most African countries is still a myth. We sing it , we talk about it,  we sometimes try to live by it but when you do not end up in jail or worse in a coffin. Other options are to end up in exile or hide in the country and learn some clever ways of communication like a journalist on a battle field. If you do not learn how to write or tell your story intelligently the chances of survival are minimal “

At the end of the summit, all religious and political leaders are expected to unite for peace and the end of war in the world.

Source: SABC