Press Release: World Peace Day Seminar, 21 September 2017, Islamabad by PINPOINT Institute, IUF and Euphrates

Press Release

World Peace Day Roundtable Seminar was organized by PINPOINT, International Unity Forum (IUF) and Euphrates Institute in Islamabad on 21 September 2017 to recognise the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and have promoted the peace. The purpose of seminar was to revive our determination to work for humanity, peace and unity worldwide.  The seminar focused to raise voice for the Muslims in Myanmar, Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon and all over the world. The theme of seminar was to turn the others into our brothers and together for peace, respect, safety and dignity for all.

Distinguished scholars and speakers have participated in seminar and collectively condemned the brutal and violent activities all over the world specially raised voice for Muslims.

The seminar proceedings was done by Mr.Tariq Khan, Chairman, PINPOINT Institute, IUF and said that we as Muslims and human being have to realize our responsibilities to play a positive and constructive role in society. It is the time to unite the global people and family at one platform and turn the others into our brothers to build peace. He further condemned the brutal activities and human rights violation worldwide.

Youth leader Mr. Shaheer Sialvi, President, State Youth Parliament said that unity of Muslim Ummah is the need of time. International community have to rethink over its policies to build peace in society.

Analyst Lt.Col (R) Muhammad Khalid has shared three main points to focus and has stressed on to do improve the governance system, literacy and conflict prevention to establish peace in country and worldwide. All these things can bring peace or not.

Prof. Syed Abdur Rehman Shah said that there is a need of time to understand the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal R.A to build peace. They said youth would study Allama Iqbal and their teachings deeply. Youth can get motivations and guidance from teachings of Iqbal. They said Further; that Muslims are those who do not harm people through their words, actions and deeds.

The Chief Guest of SeminarDr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed, Chairperson and Professor, Department of Education, University of Wah, said in her address that individual should think what kind of role he can play individually. An individual has to come out from the disappointment then he will be able to work for peace in society. Individual has to realise his responsibilities first. She explained further that education has a greater role in peace building, reconciliation and conflict prevention. Education cultivates respect, dignity, safety, tolerance and guides us in every aspects of life. Education has been one of the most powerful tools we can implement in our global efforts to promote world peace.

Dr. Zahid Shahab Ahmed from Deakin University, Australia (Online Video Link) said that civil society in international community is playing a greater role for global peace. Pakistan is getting better and public is standing with Pakistan to promote its positive image through education, research and peace work.

Ms. Janessa and Ms. Moriah (Online Video) from, USA (Euphrates Institute) showed their great respect, love, care, support, and peace for Muslims brothers and sisters worldwide. They collectively said that are standing with Muslim community all the time and condemn the brutal activities worldwide. American public love Pakistan and Muslims.

Source: Linkedin