Delhi-NCR restaurants and NGOs tie-up to feed the underprivileged

An international NGO Grace for Impact, along with their private sector partner M&D Clinic, successfully conducted a free clinic this week in Medie and Amasaman which served over 600 patients who otherwise couldn’t have afforded to seek medical care.

Amasaman, Ghana- September 13-14

Understanding that access to quality healthcare is key and critical to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, the international NGO Grace for Impact partnered with their private sector partner, M&D Clinic last week to provide free medical care to the poor who otherwise couldn’t have afforded to seek medical care for themselves and or their family. The medical outreach clinic took place in Medie and Amasaman on September 13 and 14.

Demand was high with over 600 patients treated, including general health screenings, vision screening and treatment, dental screening and treatment as well as an onsite pharmacy which filled the majority of prescriptions. Over 500 pair of eyeglasses were distributed, hygiene kits were provided which included items for dental health and personal hygiene, numerous cases of malaria treated as well as several life-threatening cases and admissions. Grace for Impact want to be seen as a partner in health, facilitating access to high quality healthcare and ensuring the poor take ownership of their health and capitalize on any and all resources available to them through the NHS.

Although the medical screenings and treatment were provided free of charge, Grace for Impact ensured there was an educational component to ensure sustainability and encourage the poor to register for and take advantage of resources available to them such as the national health scheme, malaria prevention and the importance of WASH. The National Health Scheme is free for pregnant women, babies, the elderly and the poor.

The Country Coordinator, Mr. Kofi Boafo, was on-site both days and says, “…as a Ghanaian, it’s encouraging to see all of the medical professionals and volunteers coming out to support us, providing care to a gold standard and making an impact”.

Ms. Amanda Childress, the CEO of Grace for Impact, stated that, “I’m very pleased with the turnout over the last two days and proud of the more than 40 volunteer medical professionals and organizers who supported our work. We’re building a sizable network in Ghana so that medical specialists can continue providing specialized care pro bono year round in Ghana using private sector clinics and donated medical supplies and materials provided by Grace for Impact. The initiative also sparks the flame of giving back and volunteerism which play an important role in any society.”

In early 2018, Grace for Impact will be holding similar outreach initiatives in the far north including areas north of Tamale and as far as Wa. To date, Grace for Impact, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas USA, has provided care to over 85,000 worldwide with over $24M USD in services provided to the poor.

Source: News Ghana