Islamabad Declaration a Guideline for NGOs

Islamabad Declaration a Guideline for NGOs 

We shall promote human rights, equal opportunities to all, patriotism and self-help, through
evidence based but unbiased advocacy and relentless services for our communities.
2. We declare that we can only partner with those organizations that follow the national legal
framework of Pakistan and international regulations across the facets of legal definitions.
3. We assured that we shall update our organizations’ governance structure and SOPs, integrity
policies/codes of conduct, transparency standards, human resource management policies,
financial management standards and downward accountability measures.
4. We shall be vigilant enough to our project(s), operation and activities to mitigate any risk
of corruption and continuously build and evolve a system of transparency that is capable of
ensuring a justified system.
5. We shall be transparent and accountable to all stakeholders (board, staff, supporters,
subsidiaries, local partners, volunteers, members, donors and governmental regulatory

6. We shall eliminate in our working any sort of biases arising out of religion, sect, gender, creed,
race, tribe and political affiliation etc.
7. We shall adopt the ethical fund raising strategies which must not negate Pakistan’s security,
morality, ethics, and values and follow the norms of the society
8. We shall promote the culture of taking self help initiatives and develop strategies of being
sustainable organization.
9. We shall maintain a strong and regular feedback mechanism from our beneficiaries and settle
their complaints properly, if any. We shall have participatory evaluation system in all our
projects and activities

10.We shall strive & maintain our budgets; achieve our missions better; and contribute better to

society. We understand until & unless we are not transparent and accountable to public we
cannot run advocacy campaign to make public sector organizations accountable to people.
11. We shall formulate & nurture an ICT4D Think Tank which should include representatives
from the government, NGOs, IT industry, Telecom industry, thematic experts, development
specialists etc. This ICT4D Think Tank must be able to extend the desirable national policy
framework to initiate ICT4D activity across the governance levels of the country of Pakistan.
12. We shall aggressively exploit the opportunities in the cyber-space (web, cloud, and telecom)
in all facets of development sector (presence, communication, management, administration,
community development, interest groups, donations management etc.).
13. We shall develop and implement strategies, activities and practices that promote individual
and collective human rights, while ensuring Pakistan’s commitment to UN conventions.

14. We as development actors shall promote and practice development cooperation embedding
gender equality, reflecting women’s concerns and experience, while supporting women’s
efforts to realize their individual and collective rights and ensuring their participation as fully
empowered actors in the development process.
15. We shall implement priorities and approaches that promote environmental sustainability for
present and future generations, including urgent responses to climate crises, with specific
attention to the socio-economic, cultural and indigenous conditions for ecological integrity
and justice.
16. Our priority will be to go along with developmental agenda of the government rather than
making parallel systems.
17. It will be our commitment to complement the efforts of government to develop the
communities within available resources.
18. We shall celebrate The World NGOs Day every
year on February the 27 whereby greater good
will remain the sole purpose of participation.
For this purpose NGOs will negotiate UN
concerning departments to include the day
in its calendar
19. We shall take part in the efforts of
networking for greater good
20. All our efforts will be
contributing to earn good name
for our sector and homeland