Humanitarian Leadership Programme

Applications open until October 15th for our 10th intake of students!

The Humanitarian Leadership Programme (Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership) is a uniquely intensive and challenging leadership programme designed for humanitarians.

The HLP is a comprehensive eight-month programme designed by an expert group of humanitarians, academics, and leadership development specialists to transform the leadership offered by humanitarians and their organisations. Applications are now open for the November 2017 intake.

Developed, tested and refined over six years, this programme will challenge you intellectually and emotionally.

This programme has been designed to enhance your understanding of the humanitarian system, build your ability to deliver humanitarian operations and support you to develop the quality of leadership you offer others in some of the most challenging and complex contexts.

Through expert-led seminars and workshops, guest speakers, individual coaching, peer learning, cutting edge distance learning resources and intensive simulation exercises you will put yourself through an experience that is unrivalled, and have the opportunity develop and put your leadership to the test in a safe and supportive environment.

Successful students will be awarded a Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership from Deakin University, and join a growing alumni of humanitarian leaders who represent the vanguard of change in the humanitarian industry.

The Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, supported by the IKEA Foundation, Save the Children and Deakin University, as well as thirteen formal partners, and twenty-five other partners, are pleased to invite humanitarian professionals from the Asia-Pacific and around the world to participate in the Humanitarian Leadership Programme.

The programme is accredited by Deakin University, and run jointly with sixteen partners through the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership. The programme is made possible with generous contributions from the IKEA Foundation, Deakin University, Save the Children, the Australian Government’s Aid Program, World Vision, Oxfam, Action Contre la Faim, Relief International, Fire & Rescue NSW, Outlaw Consulting and Peter Berry Consulting.

The Humanitarian Leadership Programme is supported and endorsed by Plan, Care, the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, and the Humanitarian Advisory Group.

We are very grateful to the IKEA Foundation who are our key supporting partner for the contribution of the Australian Government Aid Program, which supported development and testing of the programme through the Humanitarian Partnership Agreement.

We warmly welcome the participation of other agencies, governments, universities and the private sector.

If you wish to apply please ensure that you have read the Application Process thoroughly and downloaded the personal statement and referee forms.

The information pack is available as a PDF download by visiting the website.

If you would like to read some research on the impact of the programme click here

Watch our videos and for an understanding of what we do.

Part scholarships between 63% and 28% available for most students.

Fees include accomodation and meals during the two residential units.

We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds, genders and experiences to apply. To date students from over 90 nationalities and 50 agencies have been involved in the programme.

Source: Stephen McDonald