Join this webinar with Ana Rosa Baena who will lead us in a discussion on whether we can actually “do good” and effect social change through social enterprise.

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Social Enterprise is an endeavour that aims to improve the world and solve a complex problem. Whether it be a non-profit, business, or other entity, social enterprises use creative ideas to change lives and better the environment.

Through social enterprise individuals can go from being armchair activists to leaders of a nonviolent consumer revolution, and the collaborative nature of social enterprise, means that people who are willing to label themselves as social entrepreneurs can join a network with those of similar interests.

Doing Good By Social Enterprise

This webinar on “Doing Good By Social Enterprise” will be presented by Ana Rosa Baena, who is the daughter of economic migrants who moved from the more agricultural Andalucía in Spain to the affluent Barcelona on the 60’s. Ana later moved to London where she studied at Birkbeck College specialising in Identities, Belonging and Nationalism. Ana became interested in researching ethical and social companies and hence her interest in Social Enterprises and whether they can be the instruments of “doing good.”

Ana has always been passionate advocate for equality and equal opportunities regarding education and employment in society, and is a firm believer that solving small problems at local level, in the way some grassroots communities and social enterprises do, can set example, inspire and ignite other projects in order to build wider society positive change. …

But is Social enterprise a real alternative to the works of capitalism or to political citizenship engagement and the control of the political institutions? What place should alternative economic models have in the future of the sector?

This discussion will be the basis of this webinar.