Youth Social Entrepreneurship – A Success Story

The NGO World under PATH program aims to create a cadre of educated, empowered and serving youth who can reshape their career with self help initiatives along with contribution to the society in positive manner.

In April 2016, Maryam participated in a training program on Youth Social Entrepreneurship, organized by TNW in Tehsil Kallar Syedan, district Rawalpindi. As a result, not only was she able to identify an educational issue related to the children of her village but also proposed a solution. With a little support from the ZEST program of The NGO World, she established Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) Center in her village within a month of the training program.

As an educated person she responded affirmatively to the contents of the training sessions that proved to be her source of motivation, unveiled her hidden potential, and helped her identify the social challenges of her area.

The techniques of executing innovative ideas empowered Mar yam to take immediate action and be useful for her own community.

In line with the Education 2030 agenda, UNESCO supports national, regional and international efforts to expand and improve ECCE provision equitably so as to provide every child a better start in life. In her far-off village, Maryam is striving to provide that start to every child at her ECCE Centre. The concept of Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) is becoming popular nowadays & it is reassuring to see young people engaged in positive and constructive activities that seek to make the world a better place. A number of passionate and energetic young people are becoming perfect youth social entrepreneurs choosing to devote their time in sharing amazing ideas on how to protect the environment, empower the poor and start initiatives to help others.

The NGO World under its program “Pakistan Youth” (PATH) successfully completed two days training on Youth Social Entrepreneurship (15th- 16th April 2016) at Potohar College, Kallar Syedan, District Rawalpindi. Participants learned about the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and were able to create innovative ideas of establishing Social Enterprises. On the 2nd day they presented the solutions of identified social problems of their respective communities. Ms. Samina Saeed (AHAN) delivered certificates and appreciated the youth on their active participation and interest in becoming a change agent for their societies.