An Important segment of awareness campaign launched for children and women of slums (ZEST schools target community)

As a first step of health and hygiene awareness campaign we conducted training of 25 master trainers on 16-18 August 2016 in a ZEST School established in Goth Ali Akbar Shah.

During the three-day training, our facilitator Ms. Somaira Kiani delivered lectures and presentations on various aspects of health and hygiene including issues of personal hygiene, home based cleanliness and environment. The training also included several activities to practically illustrate the problems and solutions related to health and hygiene. Group work was another essential part of the training. During the training, participants prepared their session plans and training schedule to be delivered among their target children and women, thus preparing them as effective trainers.

In the second phase our master trainers started their session with ZEST students and women living around their schools. Every master trainer conducted three awareness sessions with 100 participants each and as a result 2500 children and women benefited from the campaign in August 2016.

Feedback from the training sessions revealed to our team that this was the first time that this kind of valuable information was delivered to these women and children. The campaign enabled them to improve their lives by adopting the practices of health and hygiene in their routine life.

Awareness to 2500 individuals (women and Children) by 25 ZEST School teachers in four months on 04 different topics in Karachi (slums)

Awareness Campaign for Women and Children in Slums

The NGO World is running an awareness campaign for the ZEST target community in Karachi. A purely need based awareness campaign was designed and four of the most pressing issues were chosen for awareness dissemination among 2500 target beneficiaries, primarily children and women.

Purpose of the campaign is to highlight the most critical social issues being faced by the target community and give them knowledge and solution related information that will lead to improvement of their own and family lives.

This campaign will be concluded in 04 months

(AUG to NOV 2016)

Campaign Plan:

  1. We shall train our ZEST school’s teachers (25) as master trainers on the said topic by giving
  2. them 3 days TOT of 25 ZEST School teachers, conducted by our expert trainer
  3. Each trainer to train 100 individuals by conducting three sessions with their target
  4. community comprising 40 of their own students and 60 females from the vicinity.
  5. A total of 2500 individuals to benefit from a single topic per month.
  6. AV aids, posters and other relevant material to be used for effective communication and awareness dissemination.

Out Put/Outcome:

  • A very productive and useful evolution of 25 ZEST teachers into master trainers for four different topics
  • Enabling 2500 beneficiaries to lead healthier and better lives.